Wetlook Workout


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Shayna and Kait are exercising in the gym. Both girls wear nice tight sport outfits and sneakers. After their workout they need to relax a bit and since it’s a hot day, they decide to go fully clothed into the water.
The girls slowly steps into the shallow water of the pool and cool down a bit. They pour more and more water over their sports outfits. Slowly their clothes get more wet until they are soaking. Shayna and Kait really enjoy themselves in the pool and roll around and play. They also often stand up in the shallow pool and admire the wet look of their tight clothes on their hot bodies and enjoy the water dripping down their sexy sport clothes.

Enjoy this fantastic video with this two beauties! You’ll love it.

two Blondes working out in Gym in sport outfits sexy girls in tight sport clothes in pool sport outfits soaking wet nice girls in dripping wet sport outfits beautiful girls swimming in tight wet sport clothes

- 10:40 minutes
- tight sport outfits and sneakers
- beautiful sequence in the gym and wetlook scenes in the pool
- with nice slow-motions
- and great underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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