Wetlook Afternoon


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This is a perfect Wetlook Afternoon! It’s beautiful warm, the sun is shining and it’s just the right lazy atmosphere to chill a bit at the pool. Xena Kai looks gorgeous again in her jeans and the white top! She walks towards the pool so sexy and seems pretty excited to feel the cool touch of the water on her clothes! Then she slowly steps into the shallow water of the pool and happily splashs around … Her jeans changes to a darker blue when getting wet and soon it’s soaking and dripping and shiny all over. Xena-Kai rolls around lasciviously in the shallow water. Her white top is getting wet and a bit see through, too. She stands up in the pool to admire the wet look of her clothes, just to happily jump into the deeper water again. She swims and dives a bit with some nice underwater scenes. And in the end she plays around at the waterfall of the pool splashing cold water all over her hot body …

Xena Kai gets dripping wet stunning asian girl fully clothed in the pool dripping wet clothes under waterfall blonde woman with jeans and high-heels swims and dives in water

- 12:00 minutes
- jeans, white top and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- and a few underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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