Wet Leggings


SKU: wetlook_0008.

Dayani wears black cotton leggings, a stylish white blouse with black bra and black high-heeled sandals. She knees into the shallow water of the pool to check the water temperature. How pleasing! Dayani splashs water on her naked arms and enjoys it! She takes one step deeper into the pool and her leggings gets totally wet and her feet in the high-heels get their well deserved cool down. Slowly her white blouse also soaks up the water and gets sheer until it is dripping wet! Dayani enjoys to feel her clothes getting wetter and tighter and keeps coming out of the water to admire the heavy, shiny look. She swims and dives a lot and has so much fun in the water!!!

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- 12:15 minutes
- black cotton leggings, white blouse with black bra and black high-heeled sandals
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- and many underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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