Wet Leather Outfit


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Shayna is a really hot biker babe! :-) She wears a sexy black leather outfit with short skirt, top, jacket, high-heels and purse. And she looks incredibly cool and sexy – Wow! Slowly she steps with her endless legs into the shallow water of the pool. At one of the fountains she splashes water on her skirt and top. The water rolls off the leather slowly and leaves a fascinating shine. The cool blonde knees down in the water. Now her leather skirt gets totally soaking wet and the top slowly soaks too and gets heavier. Shayna sprawls lascivious in the water! When her leather jacket is finally completely dripping wet, she slowly takes it off … Shayna is so sexy!!!

hot biker babe gets wet ... soaking wet leather dress in pool swimming in leather outfit in water motorcycle girl swims in leather jacket in pool hot blonde in dripping wet leather clothes blonde is enjoying the water and swimming in high-quality fashion leather clothes

- 10:45 minutes
- black leather skirt, black leather top, black leather jacket and black leather high-heels and purse
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- mainly in nice slow-motions !!!
- and many underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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