Two Jeans Beauties


SKU: wetlook_0022.

Look at these 2 Jeans Beauties! Nikki and Skylar are having a fun day at the pool. Both wear blue jeans, Nikki a white blouse and Skylar a purple top with high-heels. And they love to splash water at each other! They make each other wet with water, laugh and tease and have lots of fun! Soon they play in the pool with their clothes on and are completely wet and really love it!  …

Nikki and Skylar in Jeans 2 wet jeans beauties two women play in water fully dressed these girls look stunning in their wet jeans Nikki and Skylar in soaking wet clothes and Wet-T-Shirt two girls swimming in the pool and having lots of fun getting wet fully dressed

- 15:35 minutes
- 2 girls
- jeans, white blouse and purple top and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- and very nice underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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