The Wet Clothes


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Wow, look at that pool! It looks so tempting. And so does Xena Kai! This gorgeous sexy girl just happens to be here. Right in front of this nice pool. On a beautiful hot summer day.
Xena Kai wears tight dark jeans, a pink top and a dark Diesel Jeans jacket and of course high-heels and her leather purse. She can not resist the urge to cool down a bit in the shallow water of the pool.

Slowly she steps down into the pool, letting the smoothing cool water flow around her feet. What a relief on this hot day! She sits down in the shallow water and her jeans gets wetter and wetter. And Xena Kai loves it! She splashes around in the water, getting her thin pink top drenched, too. Then she lies down, let the water flow all round her. Everything gets soaking wet now, also her jeans jacket, the purse and her hair. She surrenders herself completely to the pleasure of the cool smoothing feeling of her tight wet clothes.

After enjoying the deeper water of the pool, she steps out again and admires the sparkling shiny look of her drenched clothes. The pool also has a beautiful surrounding waterfall area and here Xena Kai continues to play with the splashing water on her clothes. She loves the wet look and really enjoys herself!

asian girl in wet clothes Xena Kai in dark jeans clothes in pool 	Xena Kai in dark jeans clothes in the pool blonde asian girl fully clothed under waterfall beautiful Xena Kai in soaking wet jeans outfit

- 17:25 minutes
- black jeans, jeans jacket, high-heels and purse
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- and great underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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