Sporty Long-Haired Beauty


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Leah is jogging through her neighborhood. She is such a sweet girl-next-door. Overheated and exhausted she takes a break at the swimming pool. She sits down, stretches her legs and gets her breath back … To cool down she holds her hands in the water and then splashes some water on her neck, wrists and ankles. That feels so good!

Leah also dips her feet with the sneakers into the water and starts splashing around. Her grey leggings turns dark and shiny, where it gets wet. Leah decides to cool down even more and steps into the pool. Now, her sneakers and the legging are completely wet. She gets out again to see and feel what she has done. She likes it! So gets down again into the water. Her pink tank top and the white shirt get now wet, too. When Leah is swimming the loose white shirt floats around her. She often comes out of the water again and then her beautiful long, long hair is dripping like a soft dark waterfall.

Leah swims, dives and let the little waterfall at the pool run through her long dark hair, which is floating around her in the water … After a while she takes off her sneakers and continues swimming in her grey socks.

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NEW: Now AVAILABLE in Full HD (1920x1080pixel)

- 14:30 minutes
- grey leggings, pink tank top, white shirt and black sneakers
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- and some nice underwater scenes
- with slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music


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