Soaking Wet Leather Jacket


SKU: wetlook_0016.

Nikki spends this beautiful late summer day at a friends house – without swimwear! She wears blue jeans, a brown blouse, leather jacket and high-heels. It is pretty hot outside and the water of their pool looks so tempting. She takes a handful of water to cool her wrists. The water feels just right.

Nikki can’t resist and steps down into the shallow water. She enjoys it and watches her clothes getting slowly wet in the pool. She also often comes out again to admire the wetlook effect on her clothes, especially on her brown leather jacket. She lounges in the shallow water and plays with the wet element. Then she starts swimming and diving a bit (here you can see nice underwater scenes!)

sweet Nikki in Jeans and leather jacket a small water fall pours down her nice blouse its so much fun to play fully clothed in the water its so much fun to play fully clothed in the water Nikkis Jeans is dripping wet! with jeans and leather jacket swimming and diving in the pool

- 14:45 minutes
- jeans, brown blouse, leather jacket and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- and nice underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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