Soaking Sunday


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It’s Sunday -Soaking Sunday- and beautiful summer weather. What could be any better for Jessica then swim and dive fully clothed in this great pool? She has so much pleasure in getting her clothes first slowly wet and finally soaking wet in the water!

The Beautie wears a light blue jeans, white-blue blouse and white pumps. Slowly she steps into the shallow water and sprinkles water on her jeans. The jeans turns from light blue into dark blue then … Jessica sits down in the shallow pool, enjoys the sun and happily plashes in the water. Now her high-heels and jeans are soaking wet and her blouse gets slowly wet, too.

Finally she steps down in the deep pool; her blouse is now dripping wet and see-through. Jessica swims and dives in the pool and the camera follows her with beautiful underwater scenes!

After a while Jessica steps out of the pool and lays down under the waterfall, enjoying the flowing water all around and above her …

Jessica in light blue jeans and blouse jeans is slowly getting darker in the water Jessica enjoys pouring water all over her clothes and body she loves lying down in the pool with her clothes, her blouse is getting sheer and see-through swimming and diving in the pool with light blue jeans

- 16:40 minutes
- light blue jeans, white-blue blouse and white high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with some nice slow-motions
- and many underwater scenes
- the original sound mixed with music


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