Wetlook Deluxe


SKU: wetlook_0041.

Wow! This girl is HOT! Literally! Fawnia has to wait by the pool for a photo shooting to begin. And her patience is gone. The pool looks so tempting and she feels so hot in her Freddy Jeans and the leather boots. She would love to take off some clothes to cool down, but that is not an option unfortunately. While “warming up” for the shoot, she stretches, moves into poses and dances a little bit and already starts sweating. So, she can’t help herself, but to spray some cool water on her clothes! It will be dry again soon. But damn this feels so good!

So, Fawnia, starts playing around with the water, splashing some more on her grey top and the light blue jeans. And it not only feels wonderful, but it also looks amazing on her clothes. Both the light top and the jeans immediately change color. Once a bit wet, the clothes get dark and shiny and Fawnia can feel their cool touch on her skin. It feels so good! And she is having way too much fun now to stop! :)

She steps down into the pool and fully indulges in the cool soothing touches of the pool. Soon her top and the jeans are soaking wet and the top gets even tighter than before and can hardly cover all her beauty! The clothes have a wonderful dark shine and are glittering in the sun while Fawnia still moves around seducingly, showing off her amazing fit figure!

blonde_girl_tight_freddy_jeans_wetlook_01-small.jpg wb0041_blonde_girl_tight_freddy_jeans_wetlook_02-small.jpg wb0041_blonde_girl_tight_freddy_jeans_wetlook_03-small.jpg wb0041_blonde_girl_tight_freddy_jeans_wetlook_04-small.jpg wb0041_blonde_girl_tight_freddy_jeans_wetlook_05-small.jpg  wb0041_blonde_girl_tight_freddy_jeans_wetlook_06-small.jpg  wb0041_wetlook_deluxe_screenshots-small.jpg

 Full HD (1920x1080pixel)

- 13:30 minutes
- light blue Freddy Jeans, grey top and black boots
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool (and outside)
- a few underwater scenes
- slow motion
- the original sound mixed with music