Wetlook by the Waterfall


SKU: wetlook_0042.

Welcome our sweet new WetlookBeauties addition: Sherry! She wears grey Freddy cotton pants, a pink top and high heels. Today she feels like chasing waterfalls :) She sits down at the edge of the pool and slowly splashes water on her light grey pants. It almost instantly turns dark and shiny. She dips her black open toed high-heels in the water and the cool down is really nice!

Sherry steps a bit further into the pool and comes out immediately to adore the wet effect on her pants – which are now partially dark and shiny! She loves it :) So, she walks deeper into the water and fully indulges, always jumping out again in-between to show off her amazing wet body with the soaking and dripping tight clothes.

And then she goes chasing waterfalls and is so much enjoying it!!! And you will too :)

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 Full HD (1920x1080pixel)

- 12:30 minutes
- light grey Freddy pants, pink top and black open toed high heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool (and outside)
- a few underwater scenes
- slow motion
- the original sound mixed with music