Wet Leggings 2


SKU: wetlook_0033.

Dayani wears a black shiny leggings, black boots and a short, but long-sleeved yellow top which compliments her toned figure perfectly! She steps down into the water up to her hips and slowly comes out again … Now this is what’s called a “Wetlook Legging” ;-) Dayani plays with the waterfalls in the pool, swims and dives – all with great underwater footage! In between she often comes out of the water again and jumps several times back in. And she really swims and dives a lot! :-)

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Full HD (1920x1080pixel)

- 11:00 minutes – black leggings, yellow top and black boots – beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool – with lots of great underwater scenes – and nice slow-motions – the original sound mixed with music