Wet Jeans & Boots 3


SKU: wetlook_0043.

Our new Wetlookbeautie Sarah-Anne wears a Lewis Curve ID, beige Top and brown overknee boots. She sits at the edge of pool and slowly starts to get her outfit wet. She dips her boots in the water and splashes water on her jeans and top. Now her outfit is part wet, part dry and you can see the beautiful color change. She dances around the pool and really loves this new look! And her moves are incredible :)

Sarah-Anne then steps deeper into the pool and plays with the waterfall. She fully emerges in the waterfall, the water splashing off her body. Everything is soaking wet and sparkles in the sun – this looks amazing!

wb0043-brunette-in-jeans-boots-wetlook_001.jpg wb0043-brunette-in-jeans-boots-wetlook_002.jpg wb0043-brunette-in-jeans-boots-wetlook_003.jpg wb0043-brunette-in-jeans-boots-wetlook_004.jpg wb0043-brunette-in-jeans-boots-wetlook_005.jpg  wb0043-brunette-in-jeans-boots-wetlook_006.jpg  wb0043-brunette-wet_jeans_boots_3_screenshots.jpg

 Full HD (1920x1080pixel)

- 14:25 minutes
- blue Lewis Curve ID Jeans, beige top and brown overknee boots
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool (and outside)
- a few underwater scenes
- slow motion
- the original sound mixed with music