Dripping Denim 2


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It’s nice and warm outside. Leah enjoys the sun, wearing her Guess Kate Bootcut Jeans and a Jeans-Shirt. But soon it’s getting too hot. And the water in the pool looks smooth and cool and tempting.

Spontaneously Leah sits down at the edge of the pool and dips her high-heels into the water. It’s such a relief and soothing treat for her tired feet. She splashs water on her Jeans and shirt. Where the water soaks the jeans material it gets darker and shinier. Then Leah steps down into the pool, slowly.

After sitting fully clothed in the sun this is really a cool down. Leah needs to get used to the cold water first. She stands in the water about waist-deep and let it flow around her. Then she steps out again and we can see dripping denim all over!

Next she swims in the water and gets out again. Leah loves to see the little waterfalls running down her wet jeans outfit and her beautiful long hair. She is swimming and diving a lot and we can see wonderful underwater scenes of her …

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Full HD (1920x1080pixel)

- 11:30 minutes
- blue Guess Kate Bootcut Jeans, grey top, blue jeans shirt and high-heels
- beautiful wetlook scenes in the pool
- with great underwater scenes
- with nice slow-motions
- the original sound mixed with music